Improved cost management with gold alternatives

Silver (Ag) alloy and Copper, Palladium Coated Copper (PCC) wires have emerged as alternatives to gold bond wires. Silver alloy offers properties like those of gold with a cost similar to PCC. Copper wire offers a significant cost advantage over gold and is an excellent replacement due to similar electrical properties.

Silver Alloy Wirebond Key
Features & Benefits

  • Ag-Alloy wire is softer than Cu wire resulting in lower Al-Splash and lower risk of bond pad damage
  • Ag-Alloy wire has a wide process window that improves manufacturability for devices with fragile bond pad structures
  • Ag-Alloy wire is the best low-cost replacement for applications that need:
    • Die-to-die bonding, waterfall bonding and very thin Al pad
    • Ultra-fine bond pad pitch (BPP) and small bond pad openings (BPO) with less Al splash
    • Ultra-low loop height
  • Ag alloy has higher resistivity than Au and PCC

Copper Wirebond Key
Features & Benefits

  • Significant cost advantage over gold wire
  • Copper is an attractive replacement material for Au because of its good electrical & thermal performance
  • 鼎博体育 has a long & wide history of Cu wire process
    • 20+ years of experience (development to HVM)
    • Qualified on 0.6-2.0 mils diameter Cu wire
    • Under development: >2 mils dia Cu wire
  • Mass production on both leadframe & laminate products
  • Cu wire is supported in all 鼎博体育 worldwide factories with mass production since 2006
  • 鼎博体育 worldwide Cu wire BOM/BKMs established


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