Optimize your drilling performance while ensuring greater safety on the rig floor with Drilling Automation services from Baker Hughes. Through our comprehensive automation solution framework, you’re assured the delivery of a repeatable, safe, and high-quality wellbore every time.


Automation at every stage

Our drilling automation services are designed to optimize all components of the wellbore construction process—from early planning to execution to knowledge management. And whatever your specific application—directional drilling, surface logging, drilling dynamics monitoring, or drilling optimization—we’ve got a customizable solution for you.

Automated advances like the Baker Hughes i-Trak™ Drilling Automation Service Solution provide a holistic approach to your well construction that closes the loop between surface and downhole data. You’re assured an optimized drilling process and consistent, predictable service delivery that eases your planning process and keeps your costs down.

Drilling automation services afford a wealth of additional benefits to your operation.

  • Improve your safety metrics. Lower the number of personnel on site with automated services that support rigsite service activities without the need for human presence
  • Ensure consistent, predictable wellbore delivery. Follow your planned well trajectory, within defined quality and performance limits, with permanent monitoring and automated BHA control
  • Lower your drilling costs. Monitor drilling dynamics to optimize rate of penetration and mitigate unplanned events to reduce drilling days and associated costs
  • Reduce your non-productive time. Quickly detect and mitigate wellbore hydraulics-related challenges due to insufficient hole cleaning or pressure management

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