你如何衡量你的机器是否处于最佳运行状态?  It’s simple – by installing Bently Nevada condition monitoring sensors, unsurpassed in their quality & reliability. Six million sensors installed worldwide is a pretty good testament to what we offer. 我们的工业传感器包括水力传感器,压力传感器, proximity sensors, transmitters, velocity sensors and accelerometers and wireless conditioning monitor sensors.

350300 dynamic pressure sensor
The Bently Nevada Difference

我们的创始人Don Bently是一位企业家, engineer and authority on vibration monitoring – built and nurtured the Bently Nevada product line using keen sensor technology. For nearly six decades, his sensing devices have kept watch over our customers’ mission-critical equipment, beginning with the emergence of eddy current proximity transducers and evolving into our sensors product line with a wide-ranging portfolio of proximity probes, Proximitor†  sensors, eddy current proximity transducers – ideal for measuring rotor shaft position and vibration – and more.

To this day, our sensors portfolio continues to maintain Bently Nevada’s standard of excellence across an array of options that include industrial sensor accessories and components to help you protect and monitor your equipment.

由Bently Nevada公司监测的全球风力发电的百分比
使用Bently Nevada可避免的停工天数
Under 60 Minutes

Across the board, Bently Nevada's industrial sensors help you maintain your equipment giving you peace of mind knowing your system is monitored closely. Sensor technology is advancing, and with Bently Nevada you will have top of the line asset managementminimizing unplanned downtime and maximizing production

Bently Nevada...We know sensors
With over 60 years of experience in building and deploying the world's best sensors, you can trust Bently Nevada to supply the perfect sensor system for your machinery monitoring needs.


Accelerometers: How do they Work?

Proximity Probes
Proximity Probes



Ranger Pro帮助工业工厂“削减成本”

Pulp and Paper workers
Success Story

Pulp & 通过无线传感器提高纸张生产率

vibration monitoring
Why Vibration Monitoring Matters

机器的振动能告诉我们有关其健康状况的重要信息, and the characteristics of the vibration can help us detect and diagnose symptoms before they become severe. 

This blog focuses on:

  • Basics of vibration
  • Transducer types
  • 如何选择最适合你的工具

Proximity Sensors

Our proximity sensors are ideal for measuring rotor shaft position and vibration within the clearances of its fluid film bearings and deliver superior performance in harsh environments across a wide range of applications. 传感器技术家族包括接近探头, 传感器和换能器系统(用于检测加速度的存在, 速度和压力),以监视您的系统并最小化非定时停机.

Bently Nevada industrial sensors will help reduce costs in all areas of your plantwide program - insurance, maintenance, unscheduled repairs. The sensor system can boost revenue through increased uptime and production quality.

Pressure Sensors

We offer pressure sensors for many different applications. From 水轮机和离心泵 to reciprocating compressor cylinders, we have a sensor for your machine. 我们的压力传感器可以检测静态和动态压力, 具有较长的操作生命周期(超过5000万个周期), 能否在高湿度环境下工作, and in the case of our 200132 -可支持九个压力范围的变量, 用户定义的增量,以真正微调您的机器诊断.

The Bently Nevada line of industrial pressure sensors have many different applications, from 水轮机和离心泵 to reciprocating compressor cylinders. 所有工作和操作都很容易在高湿度和恶劣的化学环境.

Acceleration & Velocity Sensors

The evolution of our current velocity sensor and accelerometer line began with sensors that offered a self-generating moving-coil design used by geologists to measure movement in the earth’s crust. 今天,我们仍然用“地震”传感器来指代它们的起源. Today’s integrated accelerometers deploy signal processing circuitry for output signals using velocity rather than acceleration. Our experience and expertise developed over decades offers a selection of first-rate 外壳式加速度计和速度传感器 具有多种型号,适合特定应用.

Wireless Vibration Sensors

我们的高效和坚固的Ranger Pro wireless vibration sensor provides condition monitoring across a broad range of machinery in power generation, oil & gas, mining, pulp & paper, water & wastewater and other industries. This compact yet powerful wireless condition monitoring sensor greatly improves your ability to remotely monitor hard-to-reach and unsafe locations. An impressive battery life (up to five years in some configurations) also means increased protection for all of your machinery.  While the Ranger Pro 是否与许多第三方软件解决方案兼容, 它现在完全集成了Bently Nevada的旗舰软件: System 1 机器状态监控软件 它允许无缝、实时和完全可定制的数据.

Hydro Sensors

When you need to know what’s going on with your hydroelectric generator – especially while it’s in operation – Bently Nevada has you covered with our family of proven hydro sensors. Our hydro sensors record multiple variables – not just one – so that you can obtain a more accurate understanding of your machinery’s vibration issues. And with increased data and understanding comes the ability to more accurately diagnose a problem, 并相应地做出反应,以避免昂贵的停机时间, misdiagnoses, 在某些情况下,还可以避免不必要的昂贵拆除检查.


Bently内华达州行业领先的推力和 vibration transmitters简单地说,就是保护你的关键机器. Bently Nevada公司提供两种类型的发射机 990 Vibration Transmitter and the 991 Thrust Transmitter. These compact yet durable transmitters allow you the ability to install them in small spaces with minimal clearance – where other transmitters won’t fit. 除了我们的发射机,我们还提供独立的 177230 Piezo Accelerometer, which guarantees comprehensive condition monitoring of your general-purpose machinery.

Sensor Housings and Accessories

Our current portfolio of industrial sensor accessories offers a range of options from protective sensor housings, junction boxes, and sensor mounting brackets to wiring, flexible conduits, and conduit fittings. 我们还提供选择电缆,电缆保护器,和更多.

Bently Nevada industrial sensors and other products work best when they are protected with the right housing. 我们有多种住房选择(proximity sensor housings and velocity/acceleration sensor housings) as well as transducer cables and instrumentation wiring for all your accessory needs.

We even offer a range of test kits for system calibration requirements as well as kits for machinery simulations for research and development.

bentently Nevada Sensors全球保护
Why Bently Nevada Sensors?

全球安装了超过800万个传感器,超过10个,000个软件解决方案在全球范围内使用, 更多的终端用户将他们的机器托付给Bently Nevada. 

今天,虽然我们的产品数量成千上万,但我们从不休息. Each year, tens of millions of dollars are invested in expanding and improving our technology with the purpose of better serving our customers. 更好的技术创造更好的价值是我们的激情所在.

Sensor data

For some applications, 一个简单的振动传感器可能就是你所需要的一切, but with today’s production demands and the complexity of emerging technology – never mind the increased threats to your bottom line in the form of outages and repairs – to attain a truly proactive machinery management system, you need all the data you can get. In short, the more sensors you have in place monitoring the various conditions of your machinery, the better.

System 1 Connectivity

Protecting your critical machinery with our family of sensors is an important step. 但有效的资产管理不仅仅是保护. 我们的传感器与强大的System1†软件完美地工作, 允许完全主动的状态监测和深度诊断. 不仅仅是保护你的机器,还要主动管理它. 您将把计划外的停机变为可管理的、计划的维护停机.

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