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Industries that depend on critical machine assets choose our online machinery protection systems

Whether generating power, compression and pumping fluids, or driving process equipment, Bently Nevada machinery protection systems monitor all your important machine assets every hour of every day.

In this demanding environment, machinery failure is not simply inconvenient - it can be financially catastrophic. While repair costs alone can be staggering, the partial or total loss of production resulting from failure can mean millions of dollars per day and change the overall profit and loss for a customer's entire year.

Reliability and condition monitoring are more than just good ideas -- they are necessities. Continuously monitoring critical asset parameters such as vibration, temperature, speed, and other relevant indicators is proven to anticipate and prevent mechanical failures. Safeguard your important machine assets and prevent catastrophic failures with Bently Nevada's comprehensive machine protection systems.


Orbit Lightning
Bently Nevada's Orbit 60
Lightning Talk - Jerry Pritchard, Global Sales Leader

On Bently Nevada's YouTube Channel you can learn about the new Orbit 60 platform that connects to flagship machinery management software for proactive monitoring and diagnostics, designed for cybersecure machinery protection

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3500 System
Asset Protection and Condition Monitoring

Bently Nevada machinery protection and monitoring systems span more than a dozen different models deployed during the last 60 years. Combined, they comprise the largest installed base of permanently installed transducers and monitoring channels in the world.

Orbit 60 Series
Orbit 60
Next Generation of Protection and Condition Monitoring

Intrinsically Cyber Secure- The Orbit 60 Series Monitoring System overcomes this limitation by isolation of the module collecting the condition monitoring data (one way data flow) and the rest of the protection system. Keeping the protection isolated from the more open networks will allow the collection of condition monitoring data to remain flexible and easily accessible. 

3500 machinery protection system
Why Machinery Protection?
Critical machinery requires critical protection

When your entire operation runs on machinery that simply cannot be down any more than necessary – you need machinery protection. Knowing your machinery’s operational tolerances with real-time monitoring, forensic-grade data, and expert analytics is the only way to turn costly unplanned outages into manageable, planned downtime.

Why Bently Nevada?

We’ve got the numbers no one else has.

Over 6 million sensors deployed. More than 100,000 monitoring systems installed globally. 225,000 cases solved – and counting. 53 Technical Training Centers worldwide. More than 240 international patents, including over 150 in the US. Over 50 years of experience in creating the technology that protects your machinery, as well as deploying it, monitoring it, and training team members around the globe to use it. Over 150 MDS technicians with a combined 1250 years of Bently Nevada customer service translates to over 18,000 successful diagnostic challenge resolutions and 320 SSAs.

Trust and Quality you depend on from Bently Nevada
Confidence Trust
Less Unplanned Downtime, Longer Intervals Between Outages 

One of the many benefits of a Machinery Protection and Condition Monitoring System is that you can plan your maintenance outages – versus mitigating unplanned ones. This results in less downtime, longer intervals between outages, and an overall reduction in production loss.

Lowered Costs, Increased Profits 

Machinery condition monitoring and protection systems can save you money by lowering maintenance and repair costs and reducing. insurance premiums.

Extends Machine Life

The value of a Bently Nevada machinery protection systems has been demonstrated thousands of times in thousands of industrial facilities worldwide – when mission-critical machinery needs to be protected from a catastrophic failure, Bently Nevada is the proven leader.

Bently Nevada Machinery Protection Systems
Orbit 60 Advanced Machinery Protection and Monitoring System

Orbit 60 Series is Bently Nevada's most advanced system for monitoring and protecting all critical machinery assets across a wide range of industrial process applications. Built on a fully distributable architecture, Orbit 60 allows you to monitor all your assets regardless of complexity or location while remaining cyber secure. When combined with System 1 condition monitoring and diagnostics software, Orbit 60 machinery protection system will provide users the ability to create proactive maintenance and fleet management programs for maximum productivity and cost reduction.

Orbit 60 Advanced Machinery Protection and Monitoring System
3500 Machinery Protection System

With over 80,000 installed worldwide, Bently Nevada's 3500 system is the world-leader at detecting and preventing both missed-trips and false-trips in rotating machinery. The 3500 provides automatic protection value by tripping monitored machines to avoid expensive damage when needed.

ADAPT Overspeed Protection and Shutdown System
Turbine and Engine Overspeed Protection 

The 3701/55 Emergency Shutdown Device, (ADAPT ESD) is a safety PLC with a graphical logic programming interface and integrated overspeed detection. ADAPT ESD is designed for the emergency shutdown of rotating machinery such as steam, gas, and hydro turbines, expanders, and other process equipment. ADAPT ESD is a compact, standalone, triple-redundant, safety shutdown device that is designed to meet a broad range of user scenarios and applications. The design offers an electrical and mechanical package with attention to reliability and availability, as well as extensive self-diagnostics and compliance to industry standards.

ADAPT 3701 emergency shutdown device
Distributed Vibration Monitoring & Machine Protection
Small Equipment Vibration Monitoring and Distributed Protection Systems (Extruders, pumps, fans, motors ... ) 

Traditional Bently Nevada monitoring systems like the 3500 Series are widely-recognized for protecting large, complex rotating machinery. however, it is generally difficult to justify this type of continuous monitoring for less critical, essential, or general-purpose equipment. As a result, these machines typically operate without adequate protection. 

1900/65 General Purpose Equipment Monitor - a flexible, cost-effective system specifically designed to continuously monitor and protect essential and balance-of-plant equipment assets in a wide range of industries including Oil & gas, Power Generation, Water Treatment, Pulp & paper, Manufacturing, mining, cement, and others. The 1900/65 Monitor is suitable for monitoring and protecting cooling tower fans, pumps, blowers, motors, pulverizers, air compressors, small reciprocating compressors, small electric motors, small hydro turbines, centrifuges, and other equipment assets.

2300 Vibration Monitor Series - Bently Nevada's 2300 Vibration Monitors are designed for use on a broad range of machine trains or individual casings where the sensor point count fits the monitor's channel count and where advanced signal processing is desired. These monitors provide very low-cost condition monitoring and protection capabilities on less critical and essential machinery. The monitors are available with proximity and velocity sensing for use on fluid film bearing machines or to monitor slow speed machines.

Adapt 3701 Series - designed for use on a broad range of machines with up to 12 measurement channels and 3 speed inputs where advanced signal processing is required. 

Distributed Protection Systems

Why Bently Nevada?
$1MM Saved
A Power Generation Facility that used the 3500 Series Overspeed Detector
250 Days
The amount of downtime saved at a coal-fired plant with rotor degradation
Saved by a petroleum refinery thanks to the 3500 Series and System 1
Equipment Saved
Aeroderivative gas turbine was saved from improper water washing and subsequent rotor imbalance
Our System 1 combined with the 3500 provide actionable insights for predictive maintenance

The Bently Difference
Multiple Industries Served
Applications for Multiple Industries

From Oil & gas, Power Generation, Water Treatment, Pulp & paper, Manufacturing, mining, cement, and more, Bently Nevada offers diverse machinery protection and monitoring solutions to solve your most difficult machine asset management and maintenance challenges

Better Predictive Maintenance Planning
Better Predictive Maintenance Planning Through Integrated Monitoring Software 

When you need intelligent, actionable insights for predictive maintenance, Bently Nevada's online machinery protections systems combined with System 1 condition monitoring software offer a comprehensive, machine health monitoring and protection solution.

A Partner in Success

Recent case studies demonstrate the integrity and reliability of System 1 and the 3500 Series. One power generation facility saved $1 million, another petroleum refinery saving $5 million, a coal-fired plant with rotor degradation avoided 250 days of downtime, and an aeroderivative gas turbine was saved from improper water washing and subsequent rotor imbalance – all via Bently Nevada machinery protection solutions.

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Introducing Orbit 60 Series

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